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Ours railway dictionary.

The telemechanics - the means of the telemechanics allow conduct centralized control of electrosupply objects on large distance.

High voltage equipment

Oil equipment - the set of the equipment in which in quality of  blowout ,  insulating and cooling environment is used oil transformer.  

Line of automatic lock-out

Line of automatic lock-out (АБ) - 6-10 kV line for a feed of signal system circuits of the management and movement of trains.


contact network

contact network - is intended for submission of electrical energy from traction of substations to locomotives, providing uninterrupted removal of a current with the greatest speeds of a movement in anyone atmospheric conditions.  

Traction substation

Traction substation - set of devices for transformation of the electric power received from electrical systems for locomotives needs  and other consumers

Mobile traction substation

Mobile traction substation - its difference from stationary substation  that the whole equipment is on railway platforms, and it enables of its mobile use.

27,5 kV feeder instalation

Railway feeder - departing from traction substation air lines going on a feed of a contact network.

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