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Ternopil distance of electrosupply of the L'viv railroad

    Welcome on page of a Ternopil distance of electrosupply. Our organization was created on September 1 1960y. As division ensuring uninterrupted and qualitative power supply to the railway and local consumers. Almost for 30 years we have passed set of stages in our development, about which you can find out from ours page of a history. For today we consist from Zolochiv, Ternopil, Pidvolochisk area of a contact network, Ternopil and Chertkov area of electrosupply, repair-inspection department,  mechanical-repair department with branch on the Pidvolochisk station,  traction substation in Ternopil and  power dispatcher group. An aggregate number of the workers about 260 persons. We accepted the most active participation in electrification of the Krasne-Pidvolochisk railway , we create new development in sphere of energy saving.

Our department photo


                  Our coordinates:

                   282000 Ternopil , Piskova 2 str., Ternopil distances of electrosupply

                Phone:.: 27-22-14, fax: 27-21-74

                  cc-mail: _ _ -2

The chief of a distance: Vlodimir V. Antonishin - 27-22-14 (railway: 22-14)

The chief accountant: Ludmila N. Ferents - 27-25-49 (railway: 25-49)

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