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  I'm Sergey Kibitkin - I live in Ternopol city since 1997, however for this time I get used to this beautiful city. I'm from Dnipropetrovsk city, where have lived all life. I have graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk institute of the railway transport engineers (DIIT) on a faculty "Computers, systems and complexes" in 1997y.

  In the same year I have entered at post graduate study on the faculty "Railway power supply" where I'm study today. For this time I worked in 1994-97yy. at Dneprovskiy project institute (general designer of a Southern Machine-building factory), in 1996-97yy on the Lvov and South-West railways from faculty of "Railway power supply". Since August 1997y. I work at the Ternopol distance of electrosupply of Lvov railway and I am engaged in questions of transfer of the electric power to the rolling-stock, training to work with microprocessor meters ABB Alpha, installation of tracking substation and development of the software programs.

  Given site is continuation of my independent work begun in 1999y with the purpose of maintenance of a wide circle of the people of the various railway information. For today, I have information support of site from the Ternopol station (led by Anatoliy V. Figurskiy), Ternopol passenger terminal (led by Alex V. Voznjuk).

  The creation of site would be impossible without constant support Ternopol ISP - firm StarSoft, which supported my undertakings from the very beginning.

  If you have noticed any mistakes or misprints in the project - please specify to me the address and mistake - I shall try to correct your remark as soon as possible.

  If you want to express rough indignation or criticism of site, please, write to me by mail or in the guest book, and I shall try to take into account your opinion.

  Special thank to: StarSoft ISP for support, Lev V. Kibitkin - for the initial material help, Oleg Kedis, Leonid V. Rogovik - for the technical help, my wife Tanya - for moral support.

Photo was used from site: www.corbis.com. Many thanks to the newspaper "Railway Highway" for cooperation.

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It's me - Sergei Kibitkin

Site was created: March 23.03.99, Author: Serhiy Kibitkin, WAP: http://www.railway.te.ua/wap/

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