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Professionally about electrotrains - there is a lot of useful information on electrotrains

Metrology: computer electro energy meters: ABB, Schlemberger, Landis&Gyr.

"Railways of the world" magazine - you can get acquainted with the detailed information on work of foreign and Russian iron roads, modern rolling-stock, track-circuit controlled signaling and communication, new technologies in the field of organization of a movement, transport economics.

Link to the European railway site - Rail Pass express. The detailed information on railway routes in Europe, order and payment of the tickets, discount with travel, travel cards, board of the announcements, reference to other resources

Link to the automated system of distribution railway tickets "Express-2". You can find out the diagram of a movement of any train within a CIS, stops, quantity of the tickets (with free up bottom places) for any day, specified by you, train and type of the car.

Link to the  "Steam IS" - best site of the time-tables within a CIS. The most complete time-tables on rail roads of a CIS. You can make inquiry under numbers of trains, on stations, search through- and change of routes. Besides here it is possible to find photos of stations, railway engineering, railway slang, songs, maps of  any railway in the CIS.

Link to the site of the Moscow underground - the information is useful to those, who prefers to travel on Moscow with the help of the underground.

Link to the Kiev underground map (part of the Kiev site) - very useful information for movement on Kiev with the help of this type of transport.

Link to the site of a service of management of external communications of Ukrzaliznicya - interesting normative documents, help information and also very useful not only railway but also links to various institutes of authority in Ukraine and world. UZ - International Dimension 

Link to the site of Ukrzaliznicya - official railway transportation organization in Ukraine. ukr.gif (1700 bytes)

Link to the site " Iron ring of Russia " - list of set of railway organizations, structures and divisions of the countries of a CIS.

Link to the Transport server of east Ukraine.

Link to the server of the Donetsk railway and time-table on Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov + railway time-table of Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France.

Link to the server of Dnepropetrovsk institute of the engineers of a railway transportation (DIIT-).

Link to the server of Kharkiv institute of the engineers of a railway transportation ().

Odessa: Transport I-net - favorites  Transport I-net - favorites

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