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How the railway works? ( for beginning).

In the given unit I shall try, is whenever possible accessible to explain to the unprepared reader the basic principles of railway work  in different fields.  


  1. The Electric Engine: How it works.Originally by Oliver Keating, heavily modified and enhanced by Lexcie. Alex Home Page.

  2. Electrification of Railways. Originally by Oliver Keating, heavily modified and enhanced by Lexcie. Alex Home Page.

  3. British Rail 750V D.C. Electric Multiple Units (Classes 411~508). Alex Home Page.

  4. What for to railway an electricity? (Introduction story about functioning the electrified railway).

  5. " All about a contact network " (spacial thanks to Charlie Bartholomew PE - English translation) - page, is accessible telling about a contact network. The article of Andrey Klochko (the grown-up chief electrican of  Road electrotechnical laboratory - REL of a Lviv road, took part in electrification of  Krasne-Ternopil', Zdolbjuniv-Rovno, Rovno  - Lucksk). The article is printed without change of style of the author. Figures - Sergey Kibitkin.

In the plans:

1. Where go power flow? Discussion of the various circuits of contact network feed, estimation of efficiency arising problems.

2. What for new means of measurement of a power consumption? The story about new generations of counters of measurement of the electric power (characteristic, opportunity of use, examples of work).

The offer!

If you consider, that can accessible to inform the information about railway to the people, I invite you to take part in my project (yours page will be placed here). All texts are published without change of style of the author. I wait for your offers.

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