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"Railway Ternopil" for cellular telephones (WAP). Русская версия Украiнськая версiя

    Now you can visit WAP-version of site (Ternopil time-table, suburbains time-table, inforation, prices, maps) directly from the mobile telephone. On the WAP-address http: // www.railway.te.ua/wap/ you can browse railway site. If  you'd like to look through site, your telephone should support a WAP possibility.

If you have telephones:

  • Alcatel One Touch View db @, One Touch 300,  One Touch 500, One Touch 700 GPRS.

  • Nokia 6210, 6250, 7110, Nokia 9110, 9110i, 9210.

  • Ericsson R320s, R380, R520, T20, T36m.

  • Siemens C35i, M35i, P35, S35i, S40, S42, SL25, SL45.

  • Motorola A6188, T2288, V2288, P1088, Timeport P7389, P7389e, V8088

  • or phones of other firms with WAP support.

    then you can take advantage of the given service of cellular communication (this service should be activated and all set-up configuration for work with WAP installed ). How to adjust the telephone for work in WAP? (on UMC site - rus.lang.), (on KievStar GSM site - rus.lang.)

The WAP-version of site contains the following information:

You can have a look at WAP-version of site:

View of WAP-version

  • Access to the interactive Ternopil time-table.

  • The time-table of trains.

  • The time-table of suburban trains.

  • The prices for the ticket.

  • Help information (modification in traffic of trains, prices).

  • Maps:

    • railways

    • Station Ternopil

    • Highways of Ternopol area

    View of WAP-version

    • Ternopol City (highways\railways)

    • Central part of city

    View of WAP-version

  • Weather on Тернополю.

  • National Bank of Ukraine rates of exchange .

  • Telephones of station.

  • Page of the help.

        The information is given in the English and Russian languages, in a mode of a Latin (Russian words by the latin letters, becouse not all models of telephones use cyr-letters).

View of WAP-version
View of  WAP-version ... woul'd you like to see?

In the plans: railway humour, railway news, business information on phone, telephone directory of Ternopil, address of firms and organizations in city, news of city.

Please write down a theme, which you would like to see in the mobile telephone!

Mobile Ternopol (ukrainian language)
All about cellular connection in Ternopol

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