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  • Power engineering from different directions - in this section the references to a set of resources on a power engineering (not only railway), articles  about a power engineering, photo, expositions, reference materials etc. All section is broken on a category: metrology, power engineering, news etc.

  • The review of Ukrainian railway sites - idea of this project - try to describe all railway sites (or close on a theme) of Ukraine, that the user could familiarize with these resources in an aspect, convenient for him,: cities, categories, full list.

  • Railway information - diverse railway help information.

  • Download railway files - small directory with different railways programs.

  • Photo - the page contains: photo-excursions on tracking substations, photo of malfunctions on railways, photo of the railway elements.

  • Accidents in the world - review of basic events in the world connected to accidents on a railway transport (a photo, references, brief exposition).

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